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Monadnock Insights provides our clients with confidential, fact-based research, insights and advice that enables actionable growth strategies

Monadnock Insights assists 3D printing technology providers and users with technology research, market trend analyses, new product identification and growth strategy implementation

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Why "Monadnock"?

Our company is named after Mount Monadnock, the highest peak in southern New Hampshire and the second most climbed mountain in the world. Monadnock’s rocky summit rewards hikers who make the effort with clear views in all directions. 

The name Monadnock  (pronounced muh-nad-nok) is derived from the native Abenaki language and means “mountain that stands alone.” Today geologists use the term “monadnock” to describe a singular mountain that stands above the surrounding plain.

Pete Basiliere


Pete Basiliere’s expertise is in the field of 3D printing hardware, software and materials, best practices, go-to-market strategies and technology trends. While Research Vice President – Additive Manufacturing, Pete was responsible for Gartner’s 3D printer market forecasts, the annual Hype Cycles for 3D Printing and more than 100 reports on 3D printing technology, trends and uses.

As the use of artificial intelligence expands without thought for its dystopian effects, Mr. Basiliere expanded his interests, publishing research that popularized the term “Generation AI,” children born since 2010 who are the first generation with AI in their lives from birth. With a career spanning the evolution from analog to digital to 3D printing, Mr. Basiliere shares his experience, expertise and thought leadership with clients worldwide. 

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