Why "Monadnock"?

Our company is named after Mount Monadnock, the highest peak in southern New Hampshire and the second most climbed mountain in the world. Monadnock’s rocky summit rewards hikers with clear views in all directions.

The name Monadnock (pronounced muh-nad-nok) is derived from the native Abenaki language and means “mountain that stands alone.” Today geologists use the term “monadnock” to describe a singular mountain that stands above the surrounding plain. 

Pete Basiliere


Pete Basiliere provides research-based insights on 3D printing and digital-printing hardware, software and materials, best practices, go-to-market strategies and technology trends.  

Pete assists automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, healthcare, medical device, manufacturing and transportation companies worldwide, as well as governments and military organizations. Pete also works closely with 3D printer, materials and software providers.

With four decades of engineering, operations management and thought-leadership experience in the printing industry, Pete’s expertise ranges from “2D” letterpress, offset and digital printing to 3D printing hardware, software, materials and services.

For more than eleven years, as Gartner’s Research Vice President – Additive Manufacturing, Pete grew the company’s 3D printing coverage from one part-time analyst (Pete) to more than 20 analysts who supported clients worldwide. He wrote Gartner’s 3D printer market forecasts, co-authored the annual Hype Cycles for 3D Printing and either wrote or contributed to more than 100 reports on 3D printing technology, trends and uses.  

Pete has spoken at corporate and industry events in North America, Europe, China, India, Japan and Singapore. He is frequently interviewed about 3D printing by global media organizations. 

Pete’s professional interests are not limited to printing. He led two “maverick” Gartner research projects on the influence that artificial intelligence (AI) is having on people born since 2010. Mr. Basiliere’s work popularized the term “Generation AI,” the people born after 2010 who will only know a world with artificial intelligence in their lives. The research broke new ground by proposing that the infusion of artificial intelligence into the world of Generation AI will produce dystopian results. 

Before joining Gartner, Pete worked in roles as a multi-site Factory Operations Manager as well as an Engineering Manager responsible for manufacturing equipment selection, plant layouts and new product development. 

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Experience & Accomplishments

A partial list of Pete’s previous research topics includes: 

  • Hype Cycles for 3D Printing 
  • 3D Printer Market Forecasts 
  • 3D Printing Uses and Opportunities 
  • 3D Printing Cost Comparison Toolkit 
  • 3D Printing’s Impact on Business Models 
  • Market Guides to 3D Printer Manufacturers  
  • Market Guides to 3D Printing Service Bureaus 
  • 3D Printing Workflow Software Offerings 
  • 3D Printing in the Supply Chain