What We Do


Monadnock Insights assists technology providers and technology users with market and technology research, identification of new business and product opportunities, and strategies and tactics that position our clients for growth

Services Detail

Market & Technology Research

  • Original and commissioned research on global equipment, material, software and service use and trends
  • Identification of new business and product opportunities as well as internal process improvements

Emerging Vendor Research

  • Assessments of new 3D printer, material and software vendors' product and service offerings
  • Personalized insight and advice on whether an emerging vendor's offering aligns with your business objectives
  • Written reports and 1:1 discussions tailored for end-users, competitors and investment firms


  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of technology trends and market uses today and over the long run
  • Strategies necessary to develop an effective value proposition that supports process improvements as well as market and new product development


  • Go-to-market strategies and tactics that anticipate technology and market trends while positioning the business for sustained growth

Speaking Engagements

  • Subject matter expertise to support your events, whether internal or external, small or large, that engage and motivate your staff and clients